I love stories.

Before I knew how to ride a bike or write my own name, I knew how to tell a story. I began my career helping museums tell stories to the public about science, history, and the arts through interactive multimedia. I attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, ME to hone those storytelling skills. I jumped into public media, where I was privileged to tell stories for WBUR, NOVA, and BackStory with the American History Guys.

I am currently the Digital Communications Specialist at UMass Boston – which means that on any given day I get to tell the university’s story through words, photos, video, audio, and multimedia on the web.

Whether I’m interviewing a scientist about cutting edge research, developing a website to honor a beloved institution’s 50th anniversary, or creating the world’s tiniest audio tour – it’s always about the story.

When I’m not working, I’m most likely to be found stirring something in the kitchen, or explaining a board game to friends.

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