Mudflats and Mermaids

Teens come to Coastal Studies for Girls to focus on marine science and leadership over a 16 week intensive semester. But, for some girls, the experience gives them more than they expected. Produced with photographer Aria Curtis at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Fall 2010.


Skies Alive: Bird Migration in the Garden State

Produced at Chedd-Angier-Lewis, this suite of short videos tells the story of bird migration from the point of view of a tiny bobolink migrating from South America to New Jersey. Will you make it to your nesting grounds in time to hatch the new generation of bobolinks? Visitors watch these videos while navigating the migration route on an interactive tilt table. The Skies Alive exhibit is still touring North America.


Farewell to Scup’s

Scup’s on the Harbor was the brainchild of Wendy Saver and Dave Rockwood, a restaurant intended to bring old fashioned cooking to East Boston harbor workers and tourists alike. When Wendy got bad medical news, she and Dave had to sell their beloved restaurant. Produced for WBUR’s Public Radio Kitchen, April 2011.