Running for Boston


It’s been a surreal week in Boston. First, two bombs exploded at the 117th Boston Marathon, injuring almost 200 spectators and killing 3 people. Then, just as it seemed the chaos was winding down, a violent manhunt stretching from Cambridge to Watertown put the whole city on lockdown.

On Wednesday night, the in short time between the bombings and the lockdown, I went to the Washington Square Marathon Sports store in Brookline, where a group of almost 50 runners met to go on a run around the nearby Chestnut Hill Reservoir. We ran to remember the victims of the bombings, celebrate the running community, and most importantly, to lace up our shoes and get in a few good miles.

I produced a story for the CBC’s Day 6 about that run, and had the privilege of working with an incredibly supportive staff up in Canada. You can listen to the story on its own, or the entire podcast on the Day 6 website.