The UMass Boston Minute

One of my favorite projects has been developing the UMass Boston Minute series.

The UMass Boston Minute airs on 91.9 WUMB, and gives listeners a window into the UMass Boston community. I’ve been able to talk with scientists, historians, archaeologists, politicians and some really amazing students. It’s wonderful to highlight the wealth of talent at UMass Boston. I’ve learned something new in every conversation!

In 2014, UMass Boston celebrated its 50th anniversary, and have been recording minutes with faculty and alumni who remember different eras of the university’s history.

Notes on production: I select participants, record interviews, write narration, and edit the content down to one minute. WUMB’s fabulous engineers do a final mix, and then the story is aired throughout the broadcast day! I select stories that will remain evergreen so that they can be replayed throughout the year.