The UMass Boston App

A recent Boston Globe survey revealed that 90% of UMass Boston students own smart phones, and 43% own tablets.

That statistic isn’t surprising if you have been to a college campus in the last few years.

About a year ago, on a video shoot, we told a student we needed b-roll of her studying for class. She set down her bag, and picked up her tablet. She didn’t have any college ruled notebooks – her life was entirely in digital space.

As Digital Communications Specialist, one of my jobs has been to help expand UMass Boston’s mobile presence. I served as UMass Boston’s project manager as we developed a mobile strategy, selected a vendor for our customized app, coordinated efforts between IT and our vendor in the app development process, and marketed the final product to our students.

This June, we launched the UMass Boston app – and the response has been terrific. We hope to add new modules over time, and create an even better mobile experience for students.